How to clear green pool water fast? 3 Easy steps


How do I clear green pool water fast? If you find that the water in your pool has become green, it is important to get the right treatment and administer it in optimal quantities and in the best conditions. Find out what these products are and the precautions that are ESSENTIAL

Green pool water

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Green pool water: chlorine for shock treatment

If you realize that, it is imperative to achieve it. To do this, you must meet a few conditions beforehand :

  • Measuring the pH of pool water and rebalance it if necessary.
  • Make sure the filtration system in the pool is working properly and the filter is clean.

Once these checks are done, you must obtain chlorine pellets or granules and respect the dose on the’ packaging. You will add the chlorine directly into the pool skimmers according to the recommended dose and wait until the water in the pool has become clear again. You must then manually brush the residual algae and/or pass the robot vacuum at the bottom of the pool before bathing again.

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Anti-algae products against the use of green pool water

In case of green water due to algae, it is important to administer an algicide product in the bottom, which will eliminate algae. Again, you must ensure that the cause is not due to poor filtration or an imbalance in pH, so you must restore all of these parameters before adding the dose written on the packaging, and adding the product. Wait until the water has become clear again, and clean the pelvis.

Green pool water: pH-rebalancing products

The pH is an indicator of the cleanliness and stability of the water, so it is imperative to take measurements twice a week in the summer period and rebalance the pH if necessary. Know is 7.2 to 7.4, which means that:

  • Below 7.2, the water will be too acidic : add a product pH+.
  • Above 7.4, it will be too basic : a pH product must be added.

These disturbances lead to the degradation of water and in particular the appearance of algae as well as water. You should always have product pH- and pH+ and add product accordingly, according to the results of the analysis of water

Remember to read the recommendations and follow the indicated doses.

Flocculant product for better filtration and clearer pool water

It is essential to prevent the appearance of seaweed and its development. If you find that the water of the pool is green, add a flocculant This product improves the performance of the filter, and optimizes the cleaning of water, as well as the efficiency of treatment and disinfection products. therefore particularly recommended if the water in your pool turns green, but be careful: it is not suitable for diatom filters, so cartridge or pocket filters require a specific flocculant.

Again, Doses are indicated on the packaging and must be respected.

Finally, remember to check that your usual maintenance products do not already contain flocculant, this is the case for some of them.

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How do you choose your green pool water treatment products?

To choose your pool treatment product, you need to analyze different parameters and proceed by step :

  • Generally, as soon as an imbalance manifests itself in your pool, you must measuring pH and rebalance it immediately if necessary.
  • In case of algae in the water of the pool, start by administering anti-fungicide first, and wait to see the result.
  • If the product anti-algae did not act enough on the GREEN, then make a shock treatment of water with chlorine.
  • The flocculant, as for it, must be added if your product of maintenance does not already contain and that the problem of green water endures despite your previous treatments, because it will strengthen the action of the treatment product and the filtration system.

Pool is green, but chlorine is high. What should I do?

If your pool is green and chlorine is high or at the right level, it means give shock or adding more chlorine won’t help your pool.
If the water is still green with a high chlorine level, the best solution is to clean the filter, increase your filter runtime, and add some algaecide.
Make sure the water moves around the pool properly.

  • Check and fix the pH level
  • clean the filter
  • right levels of stabilizer and calcium.
  • Test the water regularly to keep everything in balance.

Finally, think about cleaning the bottom!

The walls, bottom and water line of your pool should be cleaned on a regular basis.

  • We must begin by recovering deposits on the surface of the water and at the bottom of the bottom with the aid of a depute and a robot. The dirty water will have to be sent back to the sewers, not to the filters.
  • Filters, and skimmer baskets should be emptied regularly during this cleaning phase.
  • You can then brush the walls using a brush broom.

Note :  during the , the water level may go down. It is essential to put water at least up to the level of the skimmers so that they do not turn into a vacuum. Once the cleaning has been carried out, it is necessary to check the pH level which must be balanced between 7.2 and 7.6 for treatment with chlorine or bromine.

How long will it take to find clear water ?

It all depends on the treatment chosen. For a combined treatment (shock treatment and liquid active oxygen), you can find clear water in a few hours. For a shock treatment, it takes a few hours as well. On the other hand, after a treatment with hydrogen peroxide, the water will regain its color in 48 hours.


Is green pool water harmful to health?

Green water is not directly harmful, but the underlying issues causing it can pose health risks. Regular maintenance is crucial.

How often should I shock my pool?

Shocking frequency depends on usage and environmental factors. Generally, once a week is recommended.

Can I swim in a pool with green water?

It’s not advisable. Green water indicates potential issues, and swimming may lead to skin or eye irritation.

Do all algaecides work against green pool water?

No. The effectiveness depends on the type of algae. Choose an algaecide tailored to your specific situation.

Can I use household bleach to clear green pool water?

While bleach can be effective, it’s crucial to ensure it won’t disrupt pool chemistry. Consult an expert before use.

What role does sunlight play in algae growth?

Sunlight promotes algae growth. Adequate pool coverage or using algaecides can mitigate this effect.

Is it normal for my pool to turn green after heavy rain?

Yes, heavy rain can disrupt the pool’s chemical balance, leading to algae growth. It’s advisable to test and adjust chemical levels after substantial rainfall.

Are there natural methods to clear green pool water?

Yes, you can use baking soda, barley straw, or even sunlight exposure to aid in algae control. However, these methods may take longer to show results.

Is there a specific time of the year when green pool water is more common?

Warmer months are conducive to algae growth, making green pool water more common in summer. However, year-round maintenance is essential for a consistently clear pool.


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