How to treat your pool without chemicals? Easy Steps


Pool without chemicals, In summer, dips in the pool are welcome with the increase in heat waves. Although chlorine and bromine are the most widely used solutions for maintaining clean, clear and well-disinfected bathing water, these products are increasingly being called into question due to their impact on the environment and on the health of bathers. Today, other solutions exist for treating your swimming pool, including natural and organic treatment products that are more respectful of health and ecosystems. Let’s discover them in this file.

pool without chemicals

Treating your Pool without chemicals must become the norm

Treating your swimming pool without chemicals: ecological solutions

It is possible to choose several types of natural and ecological treatments for your swimming pool.

Active oxygen

Active oxygen comes in the form of pebbles, granules, powder or liquid solution. Thanks to its algicidal and oxidizing powers, it eliminates organic matter present in swimming water. While effective, this natural disinfectant is not persistent, meaning it disappears after it has done its job. It must therefore be renewed regularly.


This natural gas helps eliminate bacteria, germs and viruses present in swimming water. It is generated by an ozonator directly in the pool water.

Salt electrolysis

This efficient system works thanks to the installation of an electrolyser on the pond filtration circuit in order to transform the salt into natural chlorine and caustic soda. It thus helps to disinfect bathing water, to treat it, but also to eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms in a more natural way.

Copper and silver electrolysis

This other form of ecological treatment this time uses copper ions and silver ions to disinfect bathing water. It eliminates bacteria, algae, viruses and many other microorganisms effortlessly. However, you must have an ionizer installed by a professional installer.


The UV lamp is a simple and ecological solution for treating your swimming pool. Installed in the filtration circuit, it eliminates all bacteria and micro-organisms which have accumulated there from the water passing through it.

Treating your swimming pool with ecological products: what does it cost?

Chemical products cost less than natural treatment solutions, which also explains their leading position in consumer habits. However, on a daily basis, these are natural treatments that cost almost nothing . The higher price of ecological solutions lies above all in the fact that it is necessary to invest in the purchase and installation of specific equipment to allow their diffusion.

In fact, you will need to plan the following investments depending on the natural solution chosen:

  • around 1,200 USD to 4,000 USD for an ozonator;
  • between 1,200 USD and 2,000 USD for an ionizer;
  • almost 2,000 USD for a sterilizer.

Active oxygen, with an average of 60 usd for 5 kg, remains the most affordable solution, but it may be necessary to purchase a dosing pump or an automatic regulator to simplify its dosage and use.

Can we make a transition from chemical products to ecological products?

As these effective and healthy ecological solutions are not persistent and disappear, it is generally necessary to use a residual product in addition or a disinfectant product, so that they continue their disinfecting action. This limited use of chemicals is generally necessary in parallel but is drastically reduced compared to “all chemical” solutions.

In any case, if you are in the habit of treating your swimming pool with chemicals, you should actively consider opting for a natural solution to reduce your impact on the environment and the harmful consequences for the health of bathers. To do this, you just need to choose an ecological treatment and invest in the purchase of the necessary equipment and its implementation.

To make a suitable transition, avoiding the risk of ecological solutions reacting in contact with remaining chemicals, it is better to seek advice from a swimming pool specialist specializing in ecological solutions. It will guide you and tell you if your current filtration system allows the installation of the ecological device chosen.

The natural swimming pool: an alternative solution

There is indeed a way to swim without any recourse to chemicals, it is the natural swimming pool . This type of ecological pond is in fact designed as a unique micro-environment which is managed in perfect autonomy. Bathing water is filtered and disinfected using phytopurification , aquatic plants and a settling tank before being reoxygenated through a waterfall.

Increasingly popular, natural swimming pools are very interesting since they are more respectful of the environment, ecosystems, the health of bathers and the water can be reused in the natural circuit. Furthermore, they offer a real corner of nature in the garden with the impression of swimming in a clear river rather than in a classic pool with a blue liner. On the other hand, their installation cost is higher than a classic swimming pool, but in the long term, expenses are lower due to a lower need for maintenance and upkeep.


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